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Jaime Gil de Sagredo Luna

I am passionate about building high-quality software products that deliver value to users. With a focus on fast, iterative, and user-driven development, I specialize in developing both MVPs and long-term products using cost and time sustainable processes.

My core practices and experience encompass a wide range of methodologies, including eXtreme Programming, Simple Design, Lean and DevOps. I am well-versed in Test-Driven Development (TDD), Domain-Driven Development (DDD) and Hexagonal architecture, which enable me to build robust and scalable software solutions.

I can help your company, startup, or software development team build high-quality software products that satisfy your users needs. Whether it's through crafting new products, iterating your existing products, or guiding and mentoring your development team to improve their skills and capabilities.

Contact me to schedule a meeting or find more about me at: LinkedIn, Github or Twitter.